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Julia Johnson Biography

From the ceiling of a hospital room, I watched intently as a young woman was receiving CPR. Doctors and nurses were surrounding her, putting a tube down her throat to ventilate her. I listened as sirens and bells were going off and watched as the doctors and nurses were frantically trying to save her life. This young woman was me.

Just moments before, I was having surgery to secure my pregnancy and was given a half-shot of morphine. I immediately struggled to breathe and felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. As my life-giving air was cut off, my spirit floated gently out of my body and rose up to the ceiling to watch the panicked efforts to save my life below.

As I continued watching my body from the ceiling of the room, I realized I was not alone. I was in the presence of a ‘greeter.’ From this greeter, I was taught. I learned we are certainly not alone, and this is not the end. I learned I was loved immensely with a kind of love I had not experienced thus far in my life. I also learned I had a choice. At this time, I could choose to exit my life on earth or, I could choose to go back into my physical body. As I pondered the reasons I would want to remain here on earth, I knew my love for my unborn child was my greatest reason to return.  I had already buried my first baby and I wanted more than anything to give this baby life.  I was enveloped in pure love and made my decision. As great as it felt being ‘out’ of my body, I knew I wanted to be back ‘in.’ I solidly made the choice and my spirit returned to my body. Later that day, the anesthesiologist came into my room. She said, “If I had given you the full shot, we could have never brought you back. I intended to but was stopped in the middle of administering the shot.” It was true validation that my baby and I were meant to live. 

In the days and weeks following my ‘near death’ experience and my return to my earthly journey, I realized I was changed. I had been a spiritually sensitive child with an ability to see and hear the things of the Spirit, but it was not until I was twenty years old that I realized there was a profound purpose to my spiritual gifts—helping people heal. Now, I had an even more acute way of seeing and hearing than ever before. I could hear, see and even feel subtle energy. I could ‘hear’ people’s pain and see the muddy colors which radiated from that pain.

There was something else I knew. I had a companion from the other realm who was always readily available and present with me.  I had always been very prayerful and so, true to my nature, I began conversing with my companion who I felt was Jesus. We had many question and answers sessions in which he answered my questions in a very loving and dynamic voice.

My companion explained that illnesses had discordant pitches and instructed me to mimic the discordant sound and then bring it to the correct pitch. While working on clients, I was also instructed to change the emanating muddy colors, which radiated from the pain, into pure hues. I was to hold my focus on projecting the true pitch and the pure hue until their body could hold it on its own. When I was finished, I would ask the client how they felt. They would report their pain was gone! Of course, as the word got out, I was blessed with an abundance of clients with whom to practice.

This was my beginning. I worked with many clients and brought them into resonance. It was like tuning a piano. I truly loved doing this work even though I had no idea what to name it. This work felt so right and was so rewarding and fulfilling. 

Time passed and I became more integrated with my companion/teacher. It seemed as if we were having a constant walk and talk. I was able to grow in my abilities and learn more and more about both the body and the mind. I studied everything I could find on the topic of healing, reading every relevant book, attending many gatherings, enrolling in trainings, experiencing sweat lodges and studying with a Shaman and other holy people from distant places.  I devoured books about many of the major religions and their healing modalities and philosophies. I spent many hours in solitude and in the spirit of prayer and fasting. Through these practices, I was blessed beyond comprehension. By my thirties, I was teaching workshops and training others to do this beautiful work. By the time I reached my mid- forties, I believed I would be given the full keys to life and love and the fountain of youth. 

Then it happened. The most tragic day of my entire life. My twenty-three-year-old daughter Annie was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. I received the call in the early morning hours of June 30th, 2003. The shock penetrated my heart and literally shattered it. My energy fields were obliterated, and I felt like I had been shattered into a million pieces which were floating out into a very vast space. In an effort to re-gather my broken pieces, I called upon all my students and my healer friends to help. Despite all their efforts, I was unable to regain my full self. My cognitive abilities were so disrupted, I could not remember where I lived or how to count change. I could not even remember some people’s faces and names were simply impossible. I could not recall words and in short, I was completely unable to work. I was so afraid.  Like many people with PTSD, I had to calibrate every task, not knowing if I had the energy or focus to accomplish even the smallest task, let alone significant projects. 

A year later, my healer friend Barbara Jensen asked me to come and test out a new European frequency medicine system which she was about to purchase for $25,000.00. I watched her work on a woman who had stage 4 cancer and I was amazed with her results. I was dumbfounded that the corrective energy came from a—computer!  I asked her if I could have a try on this system and within twenty minutes, I felt my spirit come fully back into my body, my adrenals kick in and my third eye return to my normal. I was back!

Of course, I needed to buy one for myself. I knew it was the answer to moving forward with my life. My gratitude was immense. The company agreed to finance my system and within just a few days I began my journey into frequency medicine.

I began to experiment with the frequencies. My beautiful companion spirit was so willing to walk with me and teach me what the frequencies were all about. As I used the frequencies on my own body, I was taught the function of each of them and was even taught some of the whys of their effectiveness. I was in love with this new technology! As I was getting my mind and body regulated and back to normal, the immense grief was starting to disperse. The trauma of losing my daughter was unraveling and I was finally able to begin the healing process. 

Later that year, I was invited to a meeting in Boone, NC where I met the founders of the European company and within a year, I was asked to be the head sales representative for the United States. I collaborated with the founders and together we built many modules for the company. We consulted together about frequencies, designed frequency sequences and became partners with the mind module. It was so exciting to understand even more fully the spiritual gifts I had first discovered as a young woman in being able to see colors and hear sounds from people’s bodies.

The origination of many of the frequency sequences came from years of research with the Space programs in Russia which were later adopted by the United States. There were other great scientists in the field of frequency medicine such as Dr Reinhard Voll, Royal Rife, Peter Fraser and many others. My new work stands on the shoulders of many great men and women in the fields of both body and mind. In addition to their discoveries, I was able to combine other frequency sequences that proved to be extremely effective for many imbalances. I was able to combine frequency patterns into effective protocols. Adding my work to theirs was a wonderful experience in creating long-lasting effects on multiple levels. 

I worked with the European company for over eight years. I taught many workshops both here in the United States and in Europe. The mind module became known as a brilliant tool for rapid change with huge results when working with PTSD, negative core beliefs, chronic depression and anxiety, as well as with addictions. People were finally able to heal from the atrocities of abuse and war as well as childhood beliefs and family patterns. It was so rewarding to watch the shifts and changes. 

During that time, the economy in the U.S. tanked and my partners lost interest in supporting the States with their system. The market was booming in Germany and other parts of Europe and that was where they wanted to focus their energy. Our government had restricted imports and it seemed the handwriting was on the wall. It was only a matter of time before they would pull out entirely. 

In the meantime, I met my husband Kevin. He just happened to be an electrical engineer, specializing in technology and robotics. He said, “Let’s build our own system. It can’t be rocket science.” Coincidentally, he just happened to be working at a jet manufacturing plant building none other than—rocket engines! I was astonished he believed we could do it. I had my mind set on perfection. I was so excited to build a simple-to-use, affordable, frequency healing system which could help people heal on multiple levels of their bodies, minds and spirits.  I wanted to help everyone who was open to healing in another way. 

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to resign from the European company with a win/win, peaceful solution. The knowledge I had gained in those nearly nine years, along with my lifetime of healing work, set me up to create something uniquely solid and highly effective. 

Kevin and I combined our life’s work and created NoviChi. We have been able to create a frequency delivery system which converts digital frequencies into simple, beautiful sine waves which are completely bio-available to the cells of all life. To my knowledge, NoviChi is the only delivery system of its kind.  My motto is: “If you can think it, you can build it. If it can be done, NoviChi can do it.” 

At the present time, NoviChi has helped thousands of people heal with the divine, empirical frequencies of both beautiful harmonics sounds and cascading LED light patterns. I know the heavens brought Kev and I together for the higher purpose of building this healing system. I know if Annie had not died, I never would have sought out another way to heal. I know everything has its purpose. I also know if we look, we can see that our lives have been divinely designed.  And, even though there are hard things to overcome, if we look deep enough, we can see the “meant-to-be” that exists in our stories.