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Are you or your child unable to focus, feeling overwhelmed, struggling to complete a task, or just simply feeling lost?

Are you wanting to possibly rid yourself, or your child, of taking unnecessary medications for ADHD?

The NoviChi ADHD support package is the answer.

NoviChi uses pulsating visible light and digital sound to bring you into proper balance. NoviChi is an amazing tool that has been created from a philosophy that people can change. People can heal on a physical level as well as a mind level, conquering many of your health challenges.

What does the ADHD package include?

The package includes (4) NoviChi Protocols plus the NoviChi Device for $2,000.00.

(This is a 20% savings off our regular protocol pricing)

  • Nervous System Support Protocol
  • ADHD Brain Support Protocol
  • Stress Relief/Sleep Protocol
  • Immune System Support Protocol

This is a comprehensive package that will bring about fantastic results. This NoviChi ADHD Protocol Package has been through a case study on (6) children, ages (6-17) and (1) adult this past summer (2016), resulting in significant results worth examination. Most of these individuals had been on ‘Traditional’ ADHD medication before participating in the case study, but after working with NoviChi’s ADHD Protocols, medication is no longer needed.

Please contact the person that gave you this flyer for more information or call Julia Johnson @ 801-458-1217. You can also visit our website at www.novichi.com to learn more about NoviChi and its amazing benefits for improving your health, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.