Autism / Aspergers Testimonial

When I first made the call to have my 14 year old daughter come to have some light work done, she was emotionally at rock bottom. She was failing school, completely disengaged, unable to focus in school, depressed, and was having thoughts of suicide. She had closed herself off to the world, refused to participate in school at all, and would sleep most of the day. I turned to Julia Johnson as an emergency call in hopes of creating something different for my daughter.

After the first visit, within an hour there was a noticeable difference in her energy. She was lighter, happier, and more vibrant. Something like we would feel after a good cry. She attended school the next day was able to completely focus and begin to get work done. She immediately felt the hope of changing her grades for the better and began to feel the hint of success. She wasn’t overwhelmed with anxiety and feelings of failing. She was able to begin to work through emotions that were limiting. After a few weeks, we attended another session. Although I knew she needed another session, we were at a higher place than where we began.

Since only her forth treatment, she has easily re-engaged with life, her relationships, and school. She is now maintaining a B average in school, has made friends, no longer depressed, and her sleeping patterns have greatly improved. She has made incredible progress in such a short time. She now asks when she can go for another session for maintenance because she understands the direct results in her life are due to the light and Julia Johnson. After 14 years of having a child with Asperger’s, we have finally found something that works for her every time. We have spent so much time and money in/out of special needs clinics, nutritionists, and therapists the light pen brings a priceless gift by just simply having something that works!

Thank you!

Sonia Morgan