Body Testimonials

“I just want to share my recovery and the power of the NoviChi System.  I’m very in tune with my body and I have used NoviChi for my Anxiety, ADD, Crohn’s and Skin Cancer.  So far, in my life, I believe I’m the poster child for overcoming body issues and problems. On August 20, 2018, I ripped my tendon off my lower bicep, on my left arm and had to have the bone drilled to re-attach the tendon.  I have been using the ‘Deep Tissue’ NoviChi protocol, every night since my surgery.  The healing and recovery time, on this injury, is expected to be (10) weeks of not lifting anything over (5lbs).  I’m (20) days into my recovery time and my arm is healing at an INCREDIBLE rate !  I’m feeling good enough that I’m not wearing the Bionic Arm Brace.  I’m able to go back up to the gym and do light weight reps, without any pain or concerns !!  My arm feels GREAT and range of motion is almost back to normal.  I am sensitive to energy and have always been able to physically feel the NoviChi energy into my body.  Julia, I can’t thank you enough, for bringing the NoviChi System to us and grateful to have you in our lives.”

Jeremy has been using NoviChi, since almost the day we released our treatment system !

Thank you Jeremy !!!


I started having headaches in high school but they became bad in 2006.

My pain was from headaches usually an eight on a scale of one to ten.

A typical headache day consisted of me laying on the couch in silence with an eye mask on my eyes for the whole day. Then I would head to the ER for a shot when I just could not take it anymore, which would put me back in bed because it caused me to be extremely tired.

I tried tried Shots, lot of Medicine, food journals, constant sunglasses, and many many doctors.

I started using NoviChi in 2016 after ten years of suffering with headaches. Within the first ten minutes I felt the pain and pressure lighten.

I used it daily for the first week. Then I used it twice a week, then down to once a week. Now I use it every few months. In fact, It has been about a year since I have needed it at all for headaches.

I haven’t been back to the ER since 2016 for a shot. I’m off all Medicines and am no longer seeing doctors for headaches.

My life is much more productive. I am able to be active with my kids. I seem more patient because I feel better. I also have the desire to get up and do things.

I am so grateful for Novichi. My Doctors had me take meds. They said it’s was sleep and diet related. However, when I did all that and still had headaches, it was very discouraging.

The Novichi allowed me to relax and ease my headaches in a very short time. I would highly recommend using it often as needed. Watch it work! It might be hard to imagine life without headaches but once they are gone and you have a different routine, a better life, you will soon realize the power and healthy way you beat the unbeatable.

Heather Rowley


Sinus Infection/ Double Ear Infection

NoviChi Immune system support protocol came to my rescue. For months during the fall between the foul, cold and damp weather and a high stress busy time I developed a double ear infection and massive sinus infection. Never had an ear infection before in my life! I couldn’t stop my nose from running like a faucet, my face was a mess. It was like some parasite entered my body. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic, it didn’t touch it. Clearly this was way beyond sinus infection. It affected my whole operating system. I then was prescribed another dose of antibiotic, nasal spray and ear drops. Usually you feel some relief during the antibiotic cycle. Still it didn’t go away but lingered for weeks. I suffered for three months. Couldn’t take another round of antibiotics and was fatigued all the time.

I used NoviChi’s Immune system support and within the first administration I could feel my sinus’s clearing up. So I continued every day for a week administering the immune system support. Relief, back to my old self. I ditched the nose spray, ear drops, aspirin, etc. Now when I am feeling pluckish or run down, I turn to NoviChi, continuing to maintain my energy and operating level.

Colleen Daley


Type 2 Diabetes

Four years ago I was medically diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Being the person that I am, I thought I could control my sugar with diet and exercise. I tried by going off all processed sugar, all yeast products, dedicating myself to eating lots of vegetables and working out 3 to four times per week. It worked to a point, but still I suffered from afternoon depletion and sugar highs and lows. If I went too long between meals I would feel like I was going to pass out. It was a roller coaster emotionally too.

In March of this year (2015) I had a live blood test. There before my eyes on the screen were hundreds of sugar crystals in my droplet of blood. I was astonished as I had not eaten anything for about 5 hours. It was then I decided to go on a rigorous schedule of using the NoviChi Blood Sugar Support protocol to see what it could do. I did the Blood sugar support two to three times per week with the spleen support, and the liver support once a week.

Three weeks later when I did the live blood test again, the sugar crystals had diminished immensely. There were only a few scattered through my blood. At the six week mark, the sugar crystals were virtually gone.

I have learned that I have to continue at this time with the blood sugar protocol twice a week to maintain my sugar levels and to feel totally stable. Of course I still don’t eat sugar and I work out several times per week, but it’s a life style that I love and can easily live with. It such a blessing to live drug free and healthy.

Julia Johnson


 Chronic Low Back Pain

When I purchased the NoviChi system, my chronic back pain was never lower than a 6 on a scale of 1-10.  I had lived with the pain for years.  When it was excruciating I would go see Julia for a few treatments throughout the years.  She was always able to alleviate the pain and get me back on my feet.  When she and Kevin built the NoviChi system I was one of the first to hop on board.  I knew my sister’s work and I believed in her.  I began giving myself NoviChi treatments and the pain began to diminish.  After about 12 treatments the pain was totally gone and hasn’t returned for more than 2 months now.  Give it a try.

Paul Higley



Herniated Disk

In May of this year I was suddenly stricken with the most ferocious pain down my left thigh and knee. I went to a holistic chiropractor who, on my third visit to him, told me he couldn’t help me as my pain was too great for him to work on me.   He then referred me to an orthopedic surgeon and I was given an MRI and the diagnosis of a herniated disk.   Surgery was discussed at that time which I was very reluctant to do, but the pain was so severe that I would have gone ahead with it eventually, if it meant I could get relief and function normally.

However, fortunately for me, a friend told me about NoviChi and Julia Johnson and I booked a demo session with her. Although the treatment itself initially cause me tremendous pain, as it continued I seemed to reach a crescendo and then it felt as though the pain was going down my leg and out of my foot. When the treatment was over, I was able for the first time in 5 weeks, to sit up and stand.   The pain had decreased considerably.   I purchased the NoviChi device and the low-back protocol.  I had a second treatment the next day.   From then I improved in leaps and bounds. The next week I rejoined my water aerobics classes and life went back totally to normal for me.

Needless to say, I was very impressed with this alternative treatment and have told everyone I know of my experience.

Linda Jensen



Hip/Sciatica Pain

Over the years, my continued athletic activity had taken its toll on my right hip.  In 2010, I was diagnosed with a severe degenerated hip joint and would need hip replacement surgery in the near future. Verifying the doctors diagnosis, I experienced increasing sciatica pain as well, shooting down my leg, at nearly unbearable levels, making even walking difficult.  Shortly after that diagnosis, I changed employment and re-located. My goal then was to make it through the holidays, of that year and then take the time off to have surgery, rehab and get back to work. Just before the holidays I was introduced to this technology of “Frequency Treatment”.   After the first treatment, I was convinced that ‘something’ was happening to relieve my pain that I had been enduring over the past year.  As I learned more of this process and a disciplined regiment of treatments, I no longer have hip and/or sciatica pain !  I am convinced that through this ‘Frequency Treatment’, the cells and structure of my hip has gone through a regeneration process that has healed my hip! Thank You NoviChi !

Kevin Johnson


Brain Fog and Memory Issues

I am amazed and grateful for the improvement I have experienced after using the memory/Brain Support Protocol.  I had brain fog.  I was having a very difficult time with my memory,  I couldn’t remember names and dates.  In conversation I couldn’t remember words I wanted to say to express myself.  I was experiencing panic, anxiety and fear.  I was afraid to go out to the grocery store or anywhere by myself.

I have improved dramatically since using the Brain Support Protocol.  My mind is clear.  My memory is so responsive.  It is coming back clearly and accurately.  I have my mind back!  I have my life back!

I bought the NoviChi device and the Brain Support protocol and I use it once a week as preventative maintenance.  It work wonders for my 77 year old brain.  Thanks to Julia and her Brain Support protocol I am enjoying my life.  It is an amazing blessing.

June Neaman



I have had bouts of colitis on and off for years. Before Julia Johnson and the NoviChi Technology I would take rounds of antibiotics followed by rounds of probiotics and it would take days, sometimes weeks to recover. Now, using the Organ Support Protocol Large Intestine, I have relief within an hour and feel better in just a day or two. Thank you Julia for creating such a great protocol. I love NoviChi and the blessing it has been in my life.

Julie Keen


Carpal Tunnel

I have been dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome over the last 6-8 years.  Over the last 4-5 years it has been more intense to where it goes so numb at night that it is painful up the arm and shoulder.  It has made it hard to sleep.  I am a hair dresser and holding the scissors in the morning hours has been very painful.  Driving was also painful the way you hang onto the steering wheel.  I was ready to go have surgery when I heard about NoviChi.  I did one treatment on the wrist and noticed the swelling I have had in my wrist for last how many years was gone and the symptoms of numbness and pain were gone as well.  I had a second treatment and have loved the results.  It’s been a 4 months and I am still enjoying the results of the NoviChi.  I am looking forward to clearing emotions I have trapped inside that are causing other health and emotional symptoms.  I am an energy worker and a foot zoner.  NoviChi is cutting edge.  I am amazed at the frequencies and how we can use this system to help heal the body.

Annette Ahlstrom


The last 18 months I have been pretty much living on my couch in pain and extreme exhaustion. Rheumatoid arthritis, meniscus tear in my right knee, major digestion problems and painful headaches were draining my energy and will power to go on.
One particular night I was so very weak, I truly did not think I would wake up the next morning.

I got to the point I pleaded with the Lord….
“Please heal me or take me.”

Praise the Lord, He healed me!

In a few weeks I am an entirely new person.
A month ago I didn’t have the strength to drive to town. The last three days I have been happily and energetically helping a friend with her garage sale. We worked in the hot sun from 7 AM to 2 PM.
And afterwards, I was not prostrate on the couch, but busy for the rest of the day.
And my brain with several head traumas is working better too!
It is wonderful not to use a cane anymore.

My miracle came in one word:

Life is so very different when you’re not living from the bed to the couch.
This past week I organized/ cleaned a friend’s garage, filled the dumpster two times with shrubs that I cut, and worked at a busy garage sale for three days. Also organized a trip to Tuacahn for 27 folks. (I did take a Sunday nap!)

NoviChi has changed my life!
It has eliminated all my pain, given me physical energy and mental clarity!
After so many years of so much pain I am so very grateful.

Thank you Julia for working with the Lord in bringing us this miracle in a laptop.
Pat Canning


Food Addiction Protocol

Soda had been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It started off as a treat here and there and then became my beverage of choice as I grew older. At my weakest point and my addiction’s strongest point I was drinking a 24 pack of Coke within 2 days.
Several times I tried to quit by weaning off or even cold turkey but then I would become stressed, or sick or want to celebrate and I would pick up where I left off. There were also points when I would try to quit and not buy any soda but I would have that need within me and I would text whoever wasn’t home and have them stop and get me Coke and then my mood would be back to normal.
It had been there when I was happy and made me happier. When I was sad it made me feel better. Stressful times were made easier by Coke and then it became a part of me. There came a point in my life where my nutritionist told me that Coke was blocking my intuition so I stopped drinking Coke right then but…. I turned to Mt. Dew, Sprite, Sierra Mist and Dr. Pepper for support in place of the Coke.
During the NoviChi Food Addiction protocol, I faced every emotion, stuff I didn’t even realize was there. I was so sad about letting go of my addiction I cried and sobbed uncontrollably. Then I felt such intense anger at one point that I screamed. My defenses were totally broken, I was completely amazed at the intensity of emotions that I had all tied to my addiction to soda. At the end of my addiction, right before I decided to use the addiction protocol, I realized I was a true addict. Hiding soda in containers that you can’t see through so people wouldn’t know what I was drinking. Putting the bottles under my seat in the car so if someone looked in they wouldn’t see them. Carrying them in my bag under things and sneaking sips when no one was looking. It was truly horrible.
Thanks, to NoviChi, and the addiction protocol, I no longer have cravings for soda. That deep rooted desire for soda is gone. I can be out and about and have a soda or not and I am fine. If I have one, i can have just one. I no longer need to drink a 24 pack. I can have one or not. I can easily be done where before I would not be able to let it go, I would have to keep drinking. Now, I drink water and fresh brewed iced tea which are both so much better for my body. I didn’t realize how much of my life was controlled by my soda addiction and to have that off my back now is such a great relief. I am so happy that I have NoviChi in my life to help me clear out the things I no longer want in my life, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Kristine Magri