NoviChi and PTSD

Much has been written on the connection between the limbic system, the place where traumatic emotional memory appears to be stored in the brain, and the autonomous nervous system and the effects on the immune system. The hippocampus and amygdala region of the limbic system show constant arousal in people suffering from post-traumatic stress. The stress signal discharges a chemical stress response over the limbic-hypothalamic axis into the hypothalamus causing an exaggerated fight or flight response. Then a cascade of hormones from the adrenal glands initiates the adrenaline stress response.   These nero-chemicals and hormones cause an increase in heart rate and respiration maximizing the circulation flow to muscle tissue and turning off other non-essential organ systems, as well as the frontal cortex. The victim only sees, hears and experiences the traumatic event as if it is occurring in the present moment.

Studies have shown that when a shock induced emotional conflict from childhood or war is uncovered and processed, a new intra-cerebral neuronal connection can be made from the limbic system to the frontal cortex. NoviChi does this very thing with pulsating LED light by interrupting the way the brain stores information. The victim becomes calmer and “aware” or less disassociated. The conflict induced electrical energy from areas in the limbic system can now flow to the cerebral cortex or visual screen instead of constantly arousing areas in the hypothalamus. The need for nero-stress chemicals and hormones ceases, causing the victim to have less anxiety and greater vitality, clarity and a stronger immune system. The pathway from the traumatic memories to the hypothalamus which has been habitually previously stimulated has become uncoupled or “de-conditioned”. Ivan Pavlov, John B. Watson, (founder of behaviorism), Francine Shapiro (EMDR), Roger Callahan (TFT), have reported on either the coupling effect or the need for uncoupling techniques.

Our NoviChi Mind protocols use cascading LED light and sound frequencies, projected into specific energetic access points. These Acupuncture points along the energy meridians, are tremendous tools for de-conditioning, un-coupling and re-routing habitual nero-pathway signals.

Through our NoviChi Mind Module protocols we trigger the responses long held by the brains neuro-pathways and the neuro-chemistry is altered. The traumatic memories are uncoupled, neuro-pathways are re-routed. The new nerve pathways are stimulated differently from the brain to the muscles, tissues, organs, and energy meridian systems that hold the body memory of the trauma. As the trauma is processed, the relative tissues, organs, and meridians are stimulated with a more appropriate and harmonious bio-energetic response. The emotional triggers are simply dissipated and in many cases no longer exist. This gives the client an opportunity to experience life in a more energized, objective and positive way thus enhancing the client’s vitality.

With NoviChi technology, I have witnessed time and time again, victims of trauma being able to put the memory in the past and live productive, normal lives. As a practitioner of 35 years my experience led me to learn and practice most of the mind techniques that are prevalent today. More than any other uncoupling technique, NoviChi results are hands down more effective, comprehensive, and complete.