NoviChi Conscious Weight Loss

Written by Julia Johnson

NoviChi offers amazing support for the Body when it comes to conscious weight loss and weight management.  If you are ready to change your life choices and lose weight for the last time, then you are ready for NoviChi.  NoviChi Conscious Weight Loss Program is not a fad diet, it is a disciplined way of life that includes a commitment to yourself to make conscious healthy life choices.

The following NoviChi protocols will support your conscious weight loss in the following ways:

Immune System Support

If you are overweight, you have a great chance of having a poor immune system.  When your body’s digestive system is hampered with toxins, bacteria and candida, which causes inflammation, your immune system is on constant alert and is taxed.  When your body’s immune system is taxed, it goes into fight mode. When in fight mode, your immune system feels it needs all the forces it has, to direct toxins into fat and to fight inflammation from poor digestion, candida, or leaky gut.  Many overweight people have auto-immune illnesses.  We believe NoviChi’s ‘Immune System Support’ is the number one protocol for body health.  Why?  Because, it works to strengthen the bone marrow.  In the marrow of the bones, amazing things happen.  The bone marrow is the factory where red and white blood cells, and just as important, where adult stem cells are produced.  When the bone marrow is enhanced, your bone density is increased, your white blood cells are rejuvenated, and your red blood and stem cells increased.  We have done numerous case studies to prove that the white blood cells are enhanced and functioning optimally after six weeks of using this protocol.  All of this adds up to a healthier you.  Also, the immune system is governed by the lungs and heart, so within the immune system support protocol there are frequencies, together with point placement to strengthen both the lungs and heart. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the fire production factory of the body is the heart.  You must have fire in your system to digest both the physical and emotional aspects of life.  The heart is the seat of many body functions.

Small Intestine and Digestion Support

Poor digestion is one of the most common causes of weight gain.  If you cannot break down your food, absorb your nutrients and eliminate toxins effectively, your metabolism will suffer and you will most likely be gaining weight. When you are not getting enough nutrients, your body holds on to the fat it has. If you are still hungry after you eat and it seems you cannot feel satisfied, you need small intestinal and digestive help. Overeating hurts your digestive system, because your body can only digest so much food in one day.  When you eat too much, the excess turns into fat.  NoviChi’s ‘Small Intestine/Digestion Support’ protocol will aid your small intestine to absorb the nutrients, assist with inflammation in the digestive tract and bring you to a feeling of satisfaction with just one serving.  When your body is satisfied, your ability to make good food choices becomes much easier.

Liver Support

The role of the liver is to deal with toxins and produce digestive enzymes.  When a person is overweight, well let’s face it, they didn’t get that way eating clean healthy fruits and vegetables.  Most American diets consist of sugar laden foods and beverages, along with empty calories of processed foods.  All of this has to be processed by the liver. When the liver gets full of toxins it gets sluggish and production of enzymes is hampered. These enzymes are responsible for breaking down proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  When your body is not producing digestive enzymes, the protein in those foods cannot be assimilated and digested into your system.  Protein is needed for brain support as well as muscle support. Without protein you lose muscle tone and you become weak.  Your red blood cells then clump together, forcing your heart to work harder.  NoviChi’s ‘Liver Support’ protocol is designed to create optimal liver function and produce the enzymes needed for ideal digestion.

Candida Support

Another area of concern when losing weight is Candida.

“Most women don’t have an inkling that their symptoms could be caused by yeast overgrowth in their bodies.  The number of women suffering in silence, not even knowing what is really wrong and then blame themselves for failing, is I believe, literally  numbered in the millions.  Millions of women, who can’t lose weight, have no idea why.”  Dr. Carolyn Dean MD.  

Candida and its ugly bacterial friends force you to begin craving what ‘THEY’ want.  And what does Candida want?  Sugar!  Sugar feeds Candida to the point where it over-grows in your stomach and intestines. The food cravings we get are not always natural.  Candida is one of the theories why sugar and high fructose corn syrup are so addictive.  These yeast and fungi particles can wreak chaos throughout your entire body, depriving you of energy, slowing down your metabolism, causing “brain fog’ and hurting your concentration.  Candida is responsible for urogenital yeast infections, skin breakouts, gas and bloating.   Candida has also been known to rob the body of hormones causing low libido. NoviChi’s ‘Candida’ protocol will assist you, along with diet, in getting rid of the yeast and harmful fungal bacteria. Once the candida is addressed you will notice your bloat significantly reduced, your mind clearer and the return of your vitality.  Without Candida in your system you will have more WILL POWER.

General Detox

We live in a pick and choose world and it’s quite a discipline to choose clean, preservative and chemical free food.  Our body is not equipped to digest GMO’s, chemical fertilizers, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and/or other processed foods, etc.  Because we cannot process these toxic chemicals, our bodies’ protection mechanism is to store those toxins in our fat cells. Fat is FULL of toxins!  This protection mechanism then makes it difficult to lose weight.  If we eat clean, our cells are free to release the fat.   However for most of us, eating clean has not been a part of our life.  NoviChi’s ‘General Detox’ protocol will assist in breaking up and detoxing these harmful chemicals.  Also, in this protocol, the body can allow the fat to be processed along with the toxins, and assist us in losing weight.

Stress Relief and Sleep Protocol

Stress in your life can cause emotional overload. Often our coping mechanism to that stress is turning to food. Our emotions can trick us into becoming hungry. NoviChi has a complete mind module for all kinds of emotional health benefits, but our specific ‘Stress Relief / Sleep’ protocol works to alleviate the stress held in the cells of your body so that you can relax and be in control.  Using this protocol at the end of the day, when the snack impulse is at its peak, will assist you to unwind from the stress of the day, reducing the mind chatter and stress build up for tomorrow. The stress relief protocol brings you to the present moment, where you can feel safe and protected, releasing the need to cope with the anxiety that keeps you putting food in your mouth.  When the body and the mind are relaxed, the body can stop producing adrenalin and cortisol that keeps your body hanging on to that reserve energy called fat.  If you are an emotional eater wanting to hit your weight loss goals, NoviChi’s ‘Stress Relief / Sleep’ protocol is a must.



NoviChi recommends a weekly schedule that will include one protocol per day.  If you were going to a NoviChi practitioner to get this disciplined treatment, it would cost you at least $700.00 per week.  When you buy the above protocols as a package, you not only save $500.00, getting one for free, but you have these protocols for the rest of your life for the Price of $2,997.00.  So like a gym or yoga membership, the more you use it, the less it costs.  Using these protocols even after you have lost your weight will be part of your healthy life style to prevent future weight gain and illness.



Other NoviChi Body Protocols that can assist with specific weight loss issues include:  Hypo-thyroid Blood Sugar, Large Intestine, Adrenal, the Lymph System Support, and Male and Female Vitality Protocols. 

NoviChi Mind Protocols include: (5) Emotional Release Protocols, The Core Belief Module, (6) Addiction Protocols and our (2) Productivity Protocols of Resistance and Brain Chemistry Support.  Training is included when you purchase the NoviChi Mind protocols.

To purchase this package or if you are interested in becoming a NoviChi Practitioner to assist yourself and others with conscious weight loss, visit www.novichi.com, call Julia Johnson at 801-458-1217 or email  novichihealthsolutions@gmail.com

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