NoviChi Mind Protocols

Emotional Clearing Protocols

  • Anger Clearing
  • Fear & Anxiety Clearing
  • Grief & Depression Clearing
  • Apathy & Disconnect Clearing
  • Guilt & Shame Clearing

Trauma Protocol

  • PTSD Trauma Protocol

Core Belief Protocols

  • Body Pain Discovery Protocol
  • Emotional Pain Discovery Protocol
  • Painful Memory Discovery Protocol
  • Present Pain Discovery Protocol
  • Family Belief Discovery Protocol
  • Future Fear Discovery Protocol
  • DNA/Past Life Discovery Protocol
  • Elimination/Integration Protocol

Addiction Protocols

  • Nicotine Addiction Protocol
  • Alcohol Addiction Protocol
  • Drug Addiction Protocol
  • Food Addiction Protocol
  • Toxic Relationship Addiction Protocol
  • Pornography Addiction Protocol

Productivity Protocols

  • Resistance Protocol
  • Brain Chemistry Support


Any combination¬†of our Protocols, ‘Body Mind & Spirit’, can be packaged together in our customized software to your individual needs