NoviChi Spirit


Spirituality is an individual experience. We at NoviChi support personal spiritual growth and transformation, not any particular religion. We both have a dominant Christian faith and we truly apply those truths in our lives that give us peace and solution.  We have noticed as we have studied numerous religions that a common goal to many religions is communion or integration with the Devine.  We honor all spirtitual paths of light. It is our desire to support people to have a sense of who they are in spirit and to add to that spiritual dimension of love.

NoviChi Spirit Protocols are designed to enhance spiritual consciousness and development of spiritual gifts.  We have noticed as we release the blocks of the mind that hold us captive in negativity, spiritual growth and empowerment are eminent.  Coming from a place of spirit includes personal empowerment from a knowing who you are at the core of your being… not at the level of ego or self comparison about what you do or what you have.  To be present in this knowledge is true mediation, connection, and non-judgment.  It is the experience of loving what is.