PTSD Testimonial from a Soldier

I was in the United States Army for four years on a number of real world deployments which included time in Afghanistan and Iraq. My duties forced me to take other lives and I was left with learning to deal with that after leaving the military.

During the last year of service I began to experience nightmares and cold sweats about previous experiences I had been in. In hindsight now I realize my behavior had extremely changed. I wasn’t as compassionate as before, I had an underlying anger, I couldn’t focus on an idea and take it to fruition, I was very short tempered and had absolutely no patience for anything or anyone.

After moving home to Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to meet Julia Johnson. My mom was convinced I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I agreed to the session.

Julia had me lie down on her massage table while she hooked me up to the light machine. She explained what she was going to do and what the light would do and we began. I was very relaxed during the process and remember feeling clear headed which I had not felt in four years. Julia asked me to remember the horrific memories, to bring them up and then release them. I would remember the experience, see it and then it would just dissipate. Afterward I was energized and was very clear on what I wanted to do.

I will begin the police academy in seven days and am looking forward to starting my new profession. I am very grateful to Julia and the light for balancing me and bringing me back to normal.


Drew E. Albers