Our latest Testimonial comes in from our good friend Jeremy McReynolds, in Utah. 

Jeremy says,

“I just want to share my recovery and the power of the NoviChi System.  I’m very in tune with my body and I have used NoviChi for my Anxiety, ADD, Crohn’s and Skin Cancer.  So far, in my life, I believe I’m the poster child for overcoming body issues and problems. On August 20, 2018, I ripped my tendon off my lower bicep, on my left arm and had to have the bone drilled to re-attach the tendon.  I have been using the ‘Deep Tissue’ NoviChi protocol, every night since my surgery.  The healing and recovery time, on this injury, is expected to be (10) weeks of not lifting anything over (5lbs).  I’m (20) days into my recovery time and my arm is healing at an INCREDIBLE rate !  I’m feeling good enough that I’m not wearing the Bionic Arm Brace.  I’m able to go back up to the gym and do light weight reps, without any pain or concerns !!  My arm feels GREAT and range of motion is almost back to normal.  I am sensitive to energy and have always been able to physically feel the NoviChi energy into my body.  Julia, I can’t thank you enough, for bringing the NoviChi System to us and grateful to have you in our lives.”

Jeremy has been using NoviChi, since almost the day we released our treatment system !

Thank you Jeremy !!!

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