NoviChi Mind


The NoviChi Mind Module guides you through a non-evasive, self discovery process into the deepest levels of the subconscious where the negative core beliefs, emotions, addictions and resistance to change exist.  The light frequencies, when projected into select meridian points, penetrate to the visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses where the memory triggers are stored.  The process gently disrupts the patterns that are locked in the memory and that continually creates self-sabotage and then diffuses them.  NoviChi clears the neuro pathways in the brain, literally changing the way a person thinks and reacts.  It liberates one from the trapped emotions and integrates a new truth to create a new pattern of life.


What is a Core Belief?

As children we develop beliefs about ourselves tnd the world around us based on our experiences.  When We suffer through an unpleasant situation, we can develop Negative core beliefs.  These beliefs stay locked in our mind and body subconsciously create self defeating patterns of behavior or ill health through out our adult lives.

Whether we are aware of it or not, these beliefs dictate the choices we make, the emotions we feel, the fears we have, and the way we hold ourselves back from our dreams.  They wreck our relationships, our physical health, and our financial prosperity.  They limit our creativity and our ability to give and receive love.  They operate like breathing—automatically.   Discovering and eliminating negative beliefs opens an opportunity for you to attract the love, the success, the health and the wonderful life that you want and deserve.


NoviChi Mind Protocols Include:

Core Belief:  Discovers and eliminate the negative subconscious beliefs that create self-sabotaging thought and behavior patterns,  Integrates a new positive truth by re-routing brain/thought patterns. (includes 5 guided discovery processes, the elimination process, and the integration process plus video training.)

Trauma:  Assists one through any type of abuse & fear protocol;  Anger & Resentment Protocol; Sadness & Grief Protocol;  Apathy & Disconnect Protocol.  Guilt & Shame Protocol.  What ever emotion you are running you can feel better instantly and effortlessly.

Resistance Protocol:  Eliminates resistance to change.  Assists with weight loss, diet, exercise, lack of motivation, sports performance, sales performance, procrastination, lifestyle changes etc.

Addiction Protocols Include:  Drug Addiction Protocol;  Alcohol Addiction Protocol; Nicotine Addiction Protocol; Food & Beverage addiction protocol; Pornography Addiction Protocol;  Toxic Relationship Protocol.

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