Transformation through Light and Electromagnetic Frequency

By Julia Johnson

This article offers an overview of how low-level electromagnetic frequency stimulation and customized colored light can provide transformation of the mind while promoting good health and vibrant physical energy as well. This new system is called NoviChi, and has been developed by Julia Johnson in partnership with Kevin Johnson both of Innovative Health Solutions located in Salt Lake City, UT.

The NoviChi processes project LED full color spectrum light into acupuncture points mostly on the face, which are bio-electric communication gateways. Acupuncture points have the remarkable ability to energize and activate not only the local region, but to also promote balance and health through whole-body effects.

Acupuncture points exist along energetic pathways called meridians. (See Traditional Chinese Medicine) The meridians are a subtle energy communication system that inter-connects all parts of our bodies through the connective tissue network (fascia).

The commonly known meridians of the body are named after our internal organs, as each one connects an organ to specific pathways in the muscles, connective tissue and, of course, the skin. The face has direct  meridian connections to 8 of the major meridians of the body – those of the Stomach, Urinary Bladder, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer, Gall Bladder, GV (Governing Vessel) and CV(Conception Vessel). The face also has indirect connections to all the other meridians through micro-system connections and the GV and CV vessels.

Isn’t it interesting that, even on a very cold day, people bundled up in heavy coats can be comfortable with their faces exposed? This is due to the fact that so much of the body’s vital energy is projected onto the face through meridian system connections. This connection works both ways –   not only does the face reflect the energy of the body, but stimulation of the face can also affect the whole body through the meridian system.

Our faces reveal the health and balance of our internal organs, energy and blood. A person with a healthy, glowing face has good internal energy balance. Appropriate stimulation of acupuncture points on the surface of the face can produce beneficial effects on the internal organs, glands and energy systems.

This leads us to conclude that when we project light into meridian points on the face we have whole body response. While working PsyChi mind processes we have seen,

1. As the mind shifts, the body heals.

2. As the body is stimulated through light and EMF, it relieves the mind.

3. NoviChi offers intense optimal results for balancing and enhancing subtle energy communication between the mind and the body.

How Light Affects The Body

There is a large and growing body of research that reveals that the cells and molecules that make up our bodies respond directly to both   electrical and light energy. Here is a quote from the article Exploring the Biology of Phototherapy by James Oschman, PhD :

“From the biology of the situation, I suggest that the immediate effect of light is on the communications pathways. Specifically, it is proposed that light stimulates the flow of solitons, which are waves of energy and information that travel rapidly through the protein fabric of the   body. The flow of solitons opens gates and switches and organizes dynamic living matrix pathways. Cells can then “whisper” to each other using their   own languages. These whisperings orchestrate the repair of traumas of all kinds.”

The study of Light however has been a long time study.   Doctors Babbit, Pancoast, Pleasanton, Baldwin, Finsen and Dinshah have contributed ample empirical evidence of the value of colored light in medicine. The scientific explanation for this rests in quantum physics and color theory: the photoelectric effect first discovered by Heinrich Hertz (circa 1886), and the theory of light was elucidated by Albert Einstein in 1905 ( he was awarded the Nobel Prize). By the photo-electric effect, when light   strikes any material substance, electrons are discharged, creating a current.   In other words, light interacts with matter as the energy of the light is transferred to electrons.

Some Russian  researchers have proposed that the protein fabric of the body acts as a fiber-optic system. S. Pankratov projected light on acupuncture points and measured light output from other points along the same meridian, and found that this caused these other points to emit light. He concluded that the meridians are preferential pathways for the transmission of light in the body.

“Could the meridians function as a light (photon) transferal system within the body, not unlike optical fiber? Just as light through fiber optics is used to store information in computers and transfer it almost instantly around the globe, perhaps the meridian system as a conductor of light provides subtle energy information system with the body.   Could this be the missing link uniting materialistic medicine with the “subtle energy healing modalities,” and bridging the gap between   physics and metaphysics? Could the meridian transmission of photons (traveling at the speed of light) be a more fundamental aspect of Qi than of electromagnetic energy which involves relatively inert ions or electrons?”

Anna Cocilovo from Prescott, AZ and Tina Karu, PhD, from the Laser Technology Center in Russia are both affiliated with the University of California at Berkeley and have had research on the effects of light on the cell, since the 1980s. Both found that there are photo-receptors at the molecular-cellular level which, when triggered, activate a number of   biological reactions: DNA / RNA synthesis, increase cAMP levels, protein and collagen synthesis, and cellular proliferation. The result is rapid regeneration, normalization and healing of damaged cellular tissue. 6(279) In essence, light is a trigger for the rearrangement of cellular metabolism.

It is fascinating that other researchers have determined that protein molecules also transmit subtle electrical signals throughout the body, an activity called semi-conduction. The eastern European researcher Albert Szent-Gyorgyi was the first to point out that the molecular structures of the human body are organized enough to support semi-conduction through the passing of information along the chains of what have been called “liquid crystals”.

Therefore both light energy and subtle electrical energy are transported throughout the body via chains of protein molecules. Our clinical experience confirms that these two forms of energy stimulation may be administered together and significantly enhance each other’s effects.

After using the NoviChi technology with hundreds of clients, the reported results are remarkable. After examining this research it confirms the science behind the process and why NoviChi is so effective in transformational processes of both the mind and the body.

How is NoviChi administered?

NoviChi sessions can consists of up to many phases or protocols administered to a client relaxing in a recliner chair or treatment table. The session is administered with a electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) device and a light generator. The NoviChi device is designed to deliver this dual stimulation. The NoviChi state of the art automated software takes the guess work out of the equation as the practitioner easily follows the step by step process according to the needs of the patient/client. The practitioner simply follows the diagrams provided in the software that show exactly where to place the treatment light or Electromagnetic frequency in each phase. A typical session, including all phases, lasts about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. Addiction protocols take longer.

In each phase of a session, electromagnetic frequencies and light are applied to different points on the face and the body. These points are specially used for visual, auditory and emotional release using EMF and light therapies.

The NoviChi Mind Protocols include:

*Emotional release Protocols (clears the emotions and supports brain harmony)

*Core Belief Protocol (Wipes out patterns of self-sabotage through sub-conscious mind Discovery, the Elimination and Integration of truth process)

*Trauma Protocol, assists one through PTSD, (abuse, accidents, war, tragic loss)

*Phobia, Stress Protocol (extreme fears about future, or performance)

*Resistance Protocol (lack of motivation, lack of focus, resistance to heal, resistance to quit an addiction)

*Addiction Protocols (supports one through recovery of addictions)


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