Using NoviChi To Reduce Inflammation

NoviChi has been used to treat all kinds of illnesses, including many inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis and diabetes, along with muscular skeletal issues. Chronic inflammation is associated with dysfunction of one or more parts of the immune system and leads to the ongoing tissue damage found in many diseases. Chronic inflammation is also a cause of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, among many other disease conditions.

NoviChi has proven it effects over and over with pain reduction, and accelerated healing, by regulating processes involving inflammation and autoimmune issues, along with cellular respiration and rejuvenation.  We have seen the power of Sound and Light, build healthy immune systems and actually reverse chronic conditions.

The various cell types and metabolic pathways that generate inflammation provide numerous targets for therapies aimed at controlling inflammation in the acute phase and in preventing progression to chronic inflammation. Inflammation can be initiated by many causes, and knowing and understanding the nature of the cause has been important in designing the therapeutic approaches in our NoviChi protocols.

NoviChi has numerous protocols designed to assist the body to heal  inflammation and reduce pain.  We have protocols to build the immune system and clean the terrain surrounding the blood.  We have done many case studies where we have seen chronic bacteria, yeast, plaque, sugar crystals, uric acid, chemicals, and malformed cells reduce dramatically after disciplined treatment schedules.

Normal healthy cells are not impacted by electro-magnetic fields, but compromised cells are. This means that Sound and Light only have an impact in circumstances where there is imbalance in tissues or cells, from pathogens or chronic inflammation. Where homeostasis in the body is robust, Sound and Light, generated through NoviChi, have no effects on healthy tissue.

Since healthy cells are not affected, NoviChi Frequencies have no harmful side effects, especially when used as directed.  The only caution is to not overdo the protocols as this may cause detoxification symptoms such as a head ache or flue like symptoms as the body strives to heal too fast.


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