What Makes NoviChi Different

What makes NoviChi different from other systems?

  • Technology:

First, NoviChi technology is unique as we have been able to harness sound and light in its purest form.  We have converted digital sound into analog sine waves that induce frequency into the body without resistance because a sine wave is the same wave form that our body naturally produces.  Our hard ware produces an electromagnetic field that penetrates these sine waves 5 to 6 inches into the cellular structures of our body.  Deeper penetration means these frequencies have a longer length hold as the body entrains the frequencies and repatterns for optimal healing.

  • Frequency Patterns:

NoviChi Frequencies are a combination of pulsating color and tone patterns of harmonics, octaves and single pitches that are designed to deliver the optimal Hz frequencies for alignment, breaking up patterns or toxins, detoxification, and resonance repatterning. Our unique proprietary combinations create excellent results.

  • Gateway points:

The NoviChi software directs the user to project the light or sound into time tested gateways such as chakras, (Ayurveda medicine), Meridian points (Traditional Chinese Medicine), reflexology points (Ancient Egyptian medicine) or the modern science of bioenergetics using the living matrix.  Most other frequency systems use only one point of entrance or one modality of healing.

  • Order of Energy Projection:

Each NoviChi protocol has an order or system to feed the body with informational medicine.  To everything in life there is an order.  We put our socks on before our shoes, we sweep before we mop, we open the garage door, put the key in the ignition and start the car before we back out onto the drive way.  Energy healing has an optimal order of treatment and NoviChi uses that order to insure optimal healing.  We are not amoebas. One frequency or even one protocol will not “fix” everything.  We are complex physical beings with organs and systems that when attuned to the proper frequencies create a beautiful harmonic orchestra of vitality.

  • User Friendly:

NoviChi has easy to use, point and place hardware with user friendly software.  My eighty-one year-old mother and my six year old grandson can navigate through the system with ease after being shown once.  This makes NoviChi a very effective self-healing and self-care product for people of all ages.  To have frequency medicine at one’s fingertips empowers people to be able to join with their medical care team in creating optimal health.  Being readily available insures that people can get the treatment they need without having to wait days or weeks for an appointment.

  • Price Point:

NoviChi has the capacity to create packages for the end user.  Whether you choose to be a Practitioner with the full scale of protocols or the senior citizen working on yourself in the comfort of your own home, NoviChi can create the perfect size package.