Why NoviChi


NoviChi is an amazing tool that has been created from the reality that you can change.

YOU can heal on a physical level as well as a mind level.

YOU can re-write your future while processing your past.  NoviChi can bring you forward into healing.

We can conquer so many of our Health Challenges.

NoviChi could be your tool for permanent lasting change.

What does NoviChi offer me as a consumer?

NoviChi is so simple to use that almost anyone can do it.  NoviChi protocols are sold individually or in packages.  Anyone can buy the specific protocols they need for self-use or to use with a clientele.  To sit in the evening or any time of the day for that matter and relax for 45 minutes to an hour during self-treatment is such a great self-empowering experience.  To sit down achy or tired and get up revitalized or out of pain is such a treat.  To be able to clear emotional stress and strain is such an aid to vitality and good health as well.

What does NoviChi offer me as a practitioner?

NoviChi gives you an easy-to-use map.  How valuable is a map?  When I am looking at someone’s possibilities and how energy works, NoviChi guides me through a simple to use protocol step by step to the destination.     There is no guesswork because the mapped protocols have given clear directions and explanations that clearly direct the practitioner.   The NoviChi Body Protocols can be administered by your client/patient making it very cost efficient.  I like to treat my clients to a nice relaxing cup of herbal tea, relaxing music, and beautiful essences as they enjoy the calming frequencies that regenerate and restore their bodies.  And because these frequencies come computer generated through the amazing NoviChi device, I know that they will deliver the beneficial frequencies every time. This certainty builds confidence.  It builds clientele as well… the word gets around when people feel better.

What does NoviChi Mind offer my client/patient?

Your client/patient will be led to have a self-realization and a self-guided inner tour with the highest and best that is within them.  Their awakening to the blocks that have kept them stuck along with the elimination of those blocks will set them free.  To have a new reality concept of themselves will set them on a path of success like never before to fulfill their potential and have the life of their choosing.  NoviChi offers the answers to poor self-esteem, PTSD, Addiction, Weight reduction, Productivity, and much more.

What does NoviChi offer your business?

Revenue!  NoviChi is a BIG business in a little bag.  It is so portable, that with a computer and a NoviChi device you can set up business anywhere.  It can add additional income if you already have a practice.  It can create income if you are interested in being a NoviChi practitioner. That said, the thing that is most important is that you will get lasting results and amazing income as you help the people you are meant to help.

NoviChi brings your business credibility through technology with amazing results.