I am a Speech Technician, who works with a first-grader in my school, whose mom reports has ADHD.

His mom has been using an ADHD Treatment Protocol with him the last several months over the summer called NoviChi.

I have noticed a dramatic change from last year to this year in his ability to sit still and focus during lesson time.

He is able to learn at a faster pace because of his better focus.

NoviChi seems to be working !

Julie Wall

North Davis Preparatory Academy

Layton, Utah


NoviChi ADHD Case Study Report

Performed by: Nanci Ross MS in Special Education

NoviChi Practitioner

Summer 2016

The ADHD case study was performed and tested over a 3-month period during the months of June, July and August of 2016. There was not a control group in the study, and all participants were given sessions of the NoviChi ADHD protocol, two times per week, for a period of 12 weeks. There was NO CHARGE for participating and no monetary compensation for their time and travel was given.

The participants were a homogenous group of both male and female, between the ages of 6 yrs.-17 yrs. and one 52-year-old female adult. The total number of participants were 6.

 All participants were required to be off all ADHD medications for 1 month prior to the beginning of the study, and were not allowed to take any medication until after the study was completed. All of the participants, except one, had been on ADHD medication of some kind prior to the beginning of the study.

Each individual, or parent of the individual, were asked to take an extensive questionnaire of behavior and learning before the study began. The questionnaire was divided up into the following categories, which were the ones that we were testing in the study.

  1. Hyperactivity
  2. Attention Span/Distractibility
  3. Organization Skills
  4. Impulsivity
  5. Disruptiveness in a group
  6. Ability to start and finish a task

The survey was scored and recorded as the starting data.

Each individual was scheduled to come to a private session, two times per week, with sessions lasting approximately 45 minutes to one hour in length.

If an individual was gone on vacation, make-up sessions were given, so that all participants had the same number of sessions.

At the end of 12 weeks, the participants, or parents of the participants, filled out the exact survey again, with no ability to see the scores they had recorded previously. These surveys were scored and data recorded.

The following graphs, show the average improvements made in each category.

Graph1    Graph2

Conclusion from data:

Average Percentage of improvement in each category

Hyperactivity: 43%

Attention Span/Distractibility: 54%

Organization Skills: 53%

Impulsivity: 38%

Disruptiveness in a group: 50%

Ability to start and finish a task: 63%

Every participant showed significant improvement in all areas that were tested.


Paul is a ‘POWERFUL’ example, of the NoviChi ADHD Case Study. Read what his mother Shannon says about her son’s extraordinary results : Click Here


After 4 weeks into the study, two individuals were not showing improvement with their impulsivity and hyperactivity with the ADHD protocol alone. After discussing with Julia Johnson, cofounder of NoviChi, we both agreed that adding 9 minutes of spasm relax from the Stress Relief Protocol to each session, improvement would be seen. I administered those added minutes of spasm relax two times a week for the next 8 weeks, and a significant improvement was made with both individuals in these areas.

The Nervous System Support Protocol will now include both, Spasm Relax AND a special right/left brain Integration frequency, so that all these areas are addressed for all individuals.

I believe that the ADHD Protocol is EXCELLENT for helping school-aged children, to complete homework, increase executive functioning skills and be able to stay on task without getting distracted.

The ADHD Protocol should be administered twice a week, for 35 minutes per session.

The Nervous System Support Protocol should also be applied once or twice a week.

Following this schedule, the individual will possibly be able to function in the classroom and in their daily life, without the use of medication.

Stress Relief / Sleep, can be added as needed, at the end of the day.

As a ‘Bonus’, NoviChi has added the Immune System Support Protocol to this package. Children with hyper activity and stress, often have a hampered immune system. This protocol will assist the individual to build a healthier immune system, as well as, greater consistent results.

Using all the protocols in the NoviChi ADHD Package, we believe you will continue to experience improvement in all areas.

Nanci Ross MS / Special Education

August 2016

Jacquilyn has another ‘POWERFUL’ testimonial about her son who also participated in the study. After AMAZING results they also purchased the ‘NoviChi Autism’ Protocol, along with the ADHD package, to support her son’s mild autism : Click Here