Addictions & Compulsions

This Feature page is to educate addiction counselors about the NoviChi Mind Module. It will also speak to the pain of the addict and ausre them that NoviChi can help. 


Questions of Discovery for the Addicted

•Do you feel disconnected from spiritual experiences, starved for union and feel the need to get “high” or connected to source?  Is there a deep feeling of emptiness, hopelessness and meaninglessness of life, like a profound black hole inside?

•Do you feel over-whelmed or inadequate in a powerless sort of way?  Do you feel the need for a constant comforter, a reassuring presence and a self-stroking strategy at all times.

•Are you desperately avoiding contact with your inner self due to a fear of what might be inside?  In a sober state, fears and beliefs surface and the addict is left not knowing how to handle them and how to get past them.

•Are you Self-medicating to dull the pain of how life is and the feeling of guilt for manifesting your individuality or dulling the effects of how you have to play a role, wear a mask or a costume to fit in or be accepted?

•Do you feel you do not have enough energy and you over indulge, believing that the substance will give you the energy or the focus or the love supply that you so desperately are fixated on.  After all, many of us were programmed for oral fixation with our first addiction, the binky.

•Do you have to live up to your self-identity? Do you feel the need to Live up to being the rebellious child escaping a controlling or authoritarian system, or being the irresponsible one; another possible identity for the addict. Who would I be without my addiction?  What might I have to do?

•Are you depressed and feel the need to totally numb all feelings of being profoundly depressed and demoralized to the point that you see no sense of significance or even a reason for living.

•Do you want to Totally Escape and don’t have the skills to deal with memories of past events such as abuse, loss or trauma.

If you can relate to any of the examples above, NoviChi can help you to discover the core belief associated with the specific issue, eliminate it and integrate personal power and control into your subconscious mind. NoviChi gets to the root of the addiction and then gently in the most effective and noninvasive processes, assist you to freedom.