What Does “NoviChi Mind” Offer My Business?


First and foremost “NoviChi Mind” will bring results to your business.  If you are in the field of working with the body, the next big step is adding the NoviChi Mind component.  You know that you hit wall with some of your patients and you see them come in for the same symptoms over and over.  You have a hunch that it is the mind that keeps them stuck in their symptoms of pain and distress.  Now you can alleviate all of that with NoviChi Mind Protocols.


Because it is technology based it is easy to talk about.  Because “NoviChi Mind” is results driven, word of mouth becomes easy as your patients talk about the help that they received at your practice.   We also have beautiful on-line marketing resources available. Our goal with “NoviChi Mind” is to first awaken the practitioner, then assist the masses to wake up.  The world is waking up.  Be on the front lines with your business to offer this practical  technological approach to mind/spirit transformation.


With the easy to follow software your business can have a trained “NoviChi Mind” expert in a short time.  Training is available for the person that you would like to have working for you in your office.   Because the frequencies are generated from the software, they are consistent.  This makes duplication of the “NoviChi Mind”processes absolutely possible.

Your “NoviChi Mind” expert can be present, having a heart connection, being the magical stranger, taking your client through their euphony’s and realizations consistently.  Every session is producing results and bringing lasting and effective change to every client.

 Additional Revenue:

With your “NoviChi Mind” expert serving your patients you can have additional revenue for your business.  Most sessions are one hour long at an average of $100.00 per session.  With an average of 6 sessions per day, you can see the potential dollars that having a “NoviChi Mind” system in your business can bring.