TCM and the NoviChi Organ Support Protocols

At the foundation of The NoviChi 10 Major Organ Support Protocols  you will find the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as the basis and philosophy of energy.  There are two basic foundational principles with TCM. The first aspect is  the Philosophy that exists in all of nature called the FIVE ELEMENTS.  Each element has a specific energy and process that assists the body with emotional health and physical vitality.

When a person is balanced in their WOOD element they will have a practical and clear imagination, as well as the ability to plan, to develop concepts, to make goal oriented decisions and to act accordingly, inspired by a clear vision. Their innovative ideas indicate an open and free mind. The most challenging issues of a wood imbalance are impatience, restlessness and feelings of being powerless. These feelings may jeopardize one’s chance on prolonged professional success in society.

When a person is balanced in their  FIRE they will be optimistic and full of life.  They are charismatic, altruistic, ambitious, communicative, intuitive and have great convincing powers.  A clear mind, congruence between thinking, feeling, acting and speaking are the genuine attributes of the Fire Element. The most challenging issues of a person who is out of balance in their fire is their pride and his lack of diplomacy.   These issues may jeopardize their natural social instinct for hierarchy and communication.

The person in balance with their EARTH element is scrupulous, careful, committed, loyal, supportive,  mediating and helpful.  A person balanced in their earth is always concerned about stability and harmony.  Processing and expressing emotional, sensuous and intellectual impressions, are the genuine attributes of the Earth Element. The most challenging issues of a person imbalanced in their earth are compulsiveness and too much concern.   This challenge may jeopardize his natural instinct for stability and harmony.
The person balanced in their Metal is methodical, meticulous, disciplined, scrupulous and quiet, concerned with esthetics, clarity, control and distance. He possesses an excellent instinct for balance, order and proportion.  Reacting on changes adequately, down-to-earth and without prejudice are the genuine attributes when your Metal Element is balanced. The most challenging issues when a person’s Metal is imbalanced is aloofness, detaching and fear for the future.   These issues may jeopardize his natural instinct for proportion and order.

When a person in balance with their WATER they possesses an inner wisdom, tranquility, resourcefulness, discernment, philosophy, versatility, attentiveness and imagination.   Genuine attributes of the Water element are willpower, flexibility, basic trust, determination, targeting ability and a natural instinct for material and territorial issues. The most challenging issues when the Water element is imbalanced is distrust, fear, stubbornness, selfishness and secrecy.  These issues may jeopardize his natural instinct for basic security and trust.

The following chart shows an explanation of each element.  When an element is depleted or imbalanced in the body the following areas will indicate such depletions.

Element Earth Fire Metal Water Wood
Organ Couple Spleen/ Pancreas Heart / Small Intestine Lung / Large Intestine Kidney / Bladder Liver / Gallbladder
Taste Sweet Bitter Pungent Salty Sour
Sense Organ Mouth Tongue Nose Ear Eye
Season Late summer Summer Autumn Winter Spring
Climate Dampness Heat Dryness Cold Wind
Emotion Worry Joy Sadness, Grief Fear Anger
Tissue Connective tissue Blood vessels Skin Bones Muscles
Color Yellow Red White- Grey Indigo / Black (blue) Green
Odor Sweetish Burned Rank Putrid Rancid
Direction Centre South West North East
Vice Trust Moral, compassion Reason Wisdom Tolerance
Stage of development Transformation Growth Harvest Storage Birth
Voice Singing Laughing Weeping Groaning Shouting

The second aspect of TCM is the CHINESE MERIDIAN SYSTEM. 

Meridians are the pathways of (chi) and blood flow through the body. Chi flows continuously from one meridian to another. Any break in the flow is an indication of imbalance. If a person’s vitality or energy is recognizably diminished it is an indication that the body’s organs or tissues are functioning poorly, therefore the Chi flow is inadequate.The meridian healing system (originating in Chinese Medicine) is based on the concept that an insufficient supply of chi makes a person vulnerable to disease. Restoring the chi is the ultimate goal in restoring overall health and well being to the individual.  NoviChi Organ Support Protocols assist people in repairing dysfunctioning areas within their meridian systems to restore a natural balance.